Pup's Paw-tio

Wednesday nights from 6-8p

Month of September


Does someone want to go with you every time you leave the house? And have they been a good boy or girl?!?

Then take them to Pup’s Paw-tio every Wednesday in September! A pup friendly event on the patio of On Tap Bar and Restaurant in Latham for some k-9 fun including a puppy pool and a special puppy menu.

Reward your favorite 4-legged friend with a treat off our dog friendly menu featuring: plain grilled chicken with brown rice, slider patty with brown rice, plain brown rice, frozen carrots and ice cream!

Plus our friends from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society will be there and pop-up shops from Marissa's Pawsome Treats & Pawjackers Dog Treats!

And so everyone can enjoy themselves:

Patio Rules for Pup’s Paw-tio


1. Dogs must be accompanied by owner and on their leash at all times

2. Please do not place your dog on the table or chair

3. Please don’t let your furry family members eat off your plate, or drink from your glass.

4. Puppy Restrooms are located on the grassy area outside the patio. Waste-cans available for disposal.

5. Excessive barking and bothersome behaviors
are not permitted.

6. In the event your dog has an accident, please notify staff immediately so we can so we can help you clean it up properly.

Pup’s Paw-tio has a zero tolerance aggression policy.
We reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog
at any time for any reason.

Thank you for your HELP!



On Tap Patio (Next to Holiday Inn Express)
400 Old Loudon Rd. Latham